Transport & Logistics


Helping you move people and things, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Why Inmarsat? The world’s population is growing. Urbanization is accelerating. The demand for goods and services is exploding, transforming the way global supply chains function.


Having visibility of your fleet is key to optimising your operations. We know that the greater awareness you have over vehicle locations and the health and status of drivers and cargo, the easier it is to optimise your operations and keep your staff safe. But in order to have continuous visibility over your fleet, you need reliable connectivity. That’s where we come in.

Our satellite services make telemetry data such as location, speed and engine diagnostics always available to you and your control centre operators, no matter where your networks are. This gives you the tools you need to effectively manage diverse fleets of vehicles wherever they are in the world, ensuring drivers are safe and cargo is delivered on time. Why not take charge of your fleets today and access real-time telemetry data with satellite-enabled connectivity?

Global coverage

We have you covered with connectivity and support wherever you are. We have a presence in over 60 countries and partner networks which span the globe.


Increase efficiencies

Our services and solutions help you understand exactly where your assets are, optimise your capacity and allow real-time condition monitoring of critical components for improved maintenance.

Improve visibility

From fleet management down to insights on the status of individual goods in transit, we can help you capture data in real-time and provide you with actionable supply chain data.

Health and safety

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We can help you to monitor and communicate with your remote workers and remote drivers, as well as enabling industry recognised rail management.

In-transit security

We can help you securely move, store and make sense of your data from people, vehicles, machines and sensors anywhere on the planet.


Our services and solutions can help you optimize fuel usage and minimize emissions.